Monthly Mission: June!

Hello Sunshine! Who’s ready for another monthly mission?? I am so excited for this month’s mission! I believe in a whole body approach when it comes to being and staying healthy-mind, body, soul. Everyone knows we should eat healthy food and exercise but not everyone thinks about keeping their mind and soul in tip top […]

Monthly Mission: May

Happy May sweet friends! Welcome to this month’s monthly mission, where we create a new habit and work on it for the month. Last month (April’s mission) we started composting and it is going great! I hope it is for you as well! I love how much less waste we have and simultaneously creating beautiful […]

Monthly Mission: April

Hello Friends! Who’s ready for a new mission for April?! I am! I thought I’d try something new and create a new mission at the beginning of every month. Something for us to work on every month and provide encouragement and motivation to accomplish it! When you set an intention and write it down, you […]