Simplify for Spring!

Happy Spring! (I’m late, I know. Sorry!)

Spring has finally arrived and it actually feels like it too! Every year, with the longer, warmer days and extra sunshine, we start to feel the need to clean and organize, tidy and get rid of things we don’t need any more, hence the term Spring Clean. This year, I really feel the need to minimize and get rid of the clutter. Clutter clutter everywhere. With a toddler and mobile baby running around, I find my house is just always feeling cluttered. There is stuff everywhere! Toys, books, clothes, crafts, craft supplies, markers, paper…..And it seems that either things don’t have a ‘home’ or they don’t get put back in their ‘home’… *cough…hubby.

The idea of minimizing and living more simply is really appealing to me these days. Less stuff means less to tidy and less to organize. It also means more money available for experiences instead of more stuff. I also find that when we start to get overwhelmed with clutter and houses full of things, we start to feel more stressed and more anxious. Studies have shown that the brain responds best to order and so when we remove the clutter from our lives, we become more productive, positive and relaxed. I know that I definitely feel better in spaces that are organized and not spilling over with stuff.

simple living

There is a lot of information about how to de-clutter floating around out there but I’m going to write about what we are doing: our plan of action, where we are starting and the results!

Cleaning up the inbox:


So, I started with the easy but annoying task of cleaning up my email. I don’t know about you but I always end up subscribed to various emails that never get read and then all of a sudden my inbox is full of things that don’t interest me or that I don’t have time to read. So first things first, I hit the unsubscribe button on anything that isn’t providing value to my life right now. I also deleted things that were read or that will never get read and organized anything that I want to keep for future into a couple separate files. Ahhhh…feels much better!

Cleaning out the closet:

Next up, my closet and dresser. Every so often I go through my clothes and donate what I don’t want but I always kept those items that I may wear someday. This time, I got rid of everything! I donated things that don’t fit right and things I no longer wear, my ‘skinny’ jeans that I’ve been holding onto, things that I don’t love and things no longer suit my style. I made a lot a room and have a few bags to be donated. From now on, my goal is to only buy things that I really really love and make me feel amazing!

I tackled the kids dressers next and took out anything that is too small or that they don’t wear. I also organized the drawers into seasons. Things were put into storage bins for future use or donated to friends with new babies.

The never ending piles of toys:

I am definitely a believer in less toys and more time/experiences but somehow we still managed to accrue a  sh*t tonne lot of toys! This project is still on going but so far I have sold the baby toys that no longer get played with, thrown away the little dollar store cheap items that are either broken or missing pieces, and donated a bag of stuffed animals-so many stuffed animals! My next step is to organize everything into separate baskets that are easy to pull out to play with and then easy to put away again.

Organize the office/spare room/put everything that we don’t know where else to put it room:


This is a huge job and we still have a lot to do. This room has a bed for guests and also a desk with all our office stuff, paper work, file cabinet. It somehow ended up being the dumping ground for anything else that we didn’t know where to put it and it drives me crazy! We are working on organizing the file cabinet and putting away any loose papers that haven’t been filed and finding a home for anything that was placed there. Baskets are my best friend and obsession right now.

Future Jobs:

-Organize the craft supply closet using clear containers and labelling them for easy storage and easier clean up.

-put away all the winter clothes and boots (when the snow actually goes away!)

It feels so much better living in a clear space and now we just need to keep it up!  Are you doing any major spring de-cluttering or cleaning? Do you feel drawn to more simple living?




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