Our New Morning Ritual With Positive Affirmations

Our morning ritual with positive affirmations!

Hello my friends! Happy February!

January just went by so fast and we are definitely back into our groove after the holidays! I talked a bit about my desire for a more relaxed and peaceful morning routine in my post about how I want to feel this year and I feel like we are achieving that. There is one certain thing that we are doing every morning now that has made all the difference!

As a mom of 2 young kids, I know that the morning hustle (or really anytime of day hustle) can be really stressful with trying to get everyone fed, dressed, clean, happy and out the door at the right time. This was actually one of the reasons I wasn’t keen on starting kindergarten this year. I didn’t want to be in a rush every morning telling everyone to hurry up and go go go so we’re not late! It’s exhausting just thinking about it. I am very grateful that since starting school, our mornings haven’t been like that for the most part. Most mornings flow pretty easily (knock on wood) but this is all dependent on everyone sleeping well and not waking up at 5 am ready to party only to turn into mommy hating zombies by breakfast time.

With my desire to be a more intentional mother and have this year flow with ease, we have created a little ritual we do each and every morning before leaving the house. It’s nothing fancy but it allows us to stop, breathe, focus on our thoughts and feelings and also connect with one another before heading on with our day.

Our morning ritual with positive affirmations!

Our Morning Ritual

After we are fed, dressed and almost ready to leave the house we take a moment to sit together and share some positive affirmations. We don’t have a designated space yet but usually end up in the corner of the play room or on the bottom step. Eventually, I would like to create a sacred space that can be used for this new practice as well as meditation and all other mindfulness practices.

First, we take a couple deep breaths with our eyes closed. Next, I say a positive affirmation (examples below) and Lilly repeats it (Zoe tries too but isn’t quite there yet.) Lilly usually chimes in with her own affirmation and I repeat it. We continue on like that for a couple minutes and then we take a couple more deep breaths together. We end with telling each other ‘I love you’ and giving hugs.

We all really enjoy this and it’s not something that I force the girls to do. They like to pick out the spot for us to sit and Lilly loves coming up with her own affirmations for us to say together. It’s quite amazing sometimes what comes out of her mouth. It makes my mama heart burst with enormous pride and joy that she has these thoughts and intentions in her sweet little soul and also makes me feel like maybe I am doing something right as a mother. In fact, this morning I caught a sweet moment with Lilly and Zoe sitting in the corner saying their positive affirmations and holding hands! Seriously, I can’t even handle the cuteness!

Our morning ritual with positive affirmations!

Positive Affirmations For Kids!

  • Peace begins with me.
  • I am love.
  • I am surrounded by people who love me.
  • I am brave.
  • I am free to be myself.
  • I love myself.
  • It is safe to express my feelings.
  • I spread kindness everywhere I go.
  • Today is a great day.
  • I am grateful for…..
  • Kindness is my superpower.
  • All words have power.
  • I am kind to everyone.
  • I am the only me.
  • I am an important part of this world.
  • I have special gifts to share with the world.
  • Life is full of magical moments.
  • I am loved.
  • I am safe.
  • Thank you.
  • I am special.
  • I can calm myself with my breath when I need to.
  • I make others feel good about themselves.
  • I help others.
  • I follow my truth.
  • I am honest.
  • I listen to my body.
  • I am amazing.
  • I see beauty everywhere I look.
  • Miracles are always happening.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I love and respect others.

Those are some affirmations that we like to say. We say different ones everyday depending on what we are feeling or maybe because of something that we have talked about recently. It’s an awesome opportunity to reinforce the values or lessons you would like to teach your children and help them feel good about themselves. Saying positive things like these affirmations on a regular basis has been shown to have a huge impact on ones self-esteem and outlook on life. I hope that you give it a try with your family and see some positive outcomes!

Do you do positive affirmations with your kids? What has your experience been? Will you give this a try? Let me know! 

With love and gratitude,



Positive affirmations for kids!

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22 Replies to “Our New Morning Ritual With Positive Affirmations”

  1. This is beautiful, Tina.
    I love that you’re holding such loving space for yourself and your girls.
    Much love!
    Proud Grandpa

    1. Thanks Dad! 🙂

  2. This is awesome. What a great way to start the day and spend some special time together.

    1. Thanks Vicki! It really is awesome!

  3. This is a great way to start your day. I think I am going to start this with my son.

    1. Thanks Ashley! I hope you both love it!

  4. Oh I looooove this! I feel like I could even do this on my own in the morning before the kids are up. 🙂

    1. Definitely!! Thanks so much Amy!

  5. I love this idea! I have been thinking about including my son in meditation sessions with me since he is getting older. I will have to try this!

    1. Thanks Lauren! That’s a great idea!

  6. That’s such a great idea! I would love to start doing this with my little man, so that he will start to value his self worth early!

    1. Thanks Krysten! I hope that you do!

  7. This is the best idea!!!

    1. Thanks so much Jasmine!

  8. Awesome way to start the day I think we’ll have to try this out!

    1. Thanks Kate! I hope you do try it!

  9. This is an amazing idea! I love the positivity of it, and know it will be beneficial for my kiddos… Going to give it a try at our house.

    1. Thank you Kate! I hope you guys love it!

  10. I started doing morning affirmations this past month too! Talk about a game changer. It’s remarkable what can happen to your entire world when you speak kindly to yourself.

    1. Yes definitely, Andi!

  11. This is truly wonderful and i’m going to use it with my kids.

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I hope you all love it!

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