Monthly Mission: April

Hello Friends!

Who’s ready for a new mission for April?! I am! I thought I’d try something new and create a new mission at the beginning of every month. Something for us to work on every month and provide encouragement and motivation to accomplish it! When you set an intention and write it down, you are more likely to see it into fruition. This could be a new habit, intention, way of thinking or living….I’m so excited!
April’s mission is something I have been wanting to do and have been talking about doing F.O.R.E.V.E.R.


I like to reduce the amount of waste we create in our household by recycling, reusing, using reusable items instead of disposable, and just being mindful about our purchases and what we throw away, but we still throw out so much organic matter every day and it drives me crazy. Especially, when I know that I can turn it into something to make our garden healthier and more bountiful.

I am currently looking on-line for a compost bin that will work for us and I will have it up and going by the end of the month! I will update at the of April to see how we are all doing with this mission.

Do you compost already? What method do you use? If not, are you joining us in this month’s mission?

4 Replies to “Monthly Mission: April”

  1. I do compost. I bury banana peels near my rose bushes, they are very nourishing for them. I also compost all of my vegetable and fruit peels from juicing. As my diet changes, there will be even more items to compost. My plan is to get better and better at this.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I had no idea that banana peels were good for rose bushes! That’s all we can do is get better and better. 🙂

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