My Go To Healthy, Grain-Free Christmas Baking List

My Go To Healthy, Grain Free Christmas Baking List

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I love to bake and I especially love baking for the holidays! I always like to bring baking to all the gatherings and keep our freezer well stocked for all the merriment.  It’s also nice to wrap up a few of our goodies as neighbour gifts as well. My baking list has definitely evolved over the years as my diet has changed, but the last several years I have developed a holiday recipe list that I know works and is totally delicious. I have a few criteria for the recipes I use-they must be healthy, refined sugar free, grain-free, simple, kid-approved and delicious.

Healthy, Grain Free Christmas Baking List

My Go To Healthy Christmas Baking List

Grain-Free Sugar Cookies from Against All Grain These are so easy to make and so delicious to eat! We love to cut them out in different Christmas shapes and decorate them with icing and Let’s Do Organic sprinkles.

Coconut Macaroons I’ve mentioned this recipe before in my Halloween ghost recipe but it is definitely a hit during the holidays as well. I usually end up making it a couple times because they go so fast!

Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies These are soooooo good! My girls love them and we always make a double batch. Tip: I have used Sunflower Seed Butter to make them nut-free with success. They will just spread out more and end up fluffier, which isn’t such a terrible thing.

Grain-Free Thin Mint Copycats Crunchy, minty and not too sweet. These are awesome with some hot chocolate sitting around the Christmas Tree.

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies These are so yummy! Tip: use coconut sugar instead of brown sugar to make them healthier.

Peppermint Patties Warning: these are totally addictive! Everyone loves these and no one can believe the ingredients are so clean! I use honey instead of agave.

Jam Thumbprint Cookies These are one of my favourite cookies because they remind me of my childhood. I like to use Raspberry Jam on my thumbprint cookies.

Walnut Cinnamon Florentine Cookies I made these for the first time last year, and they turned out so great! Really simple ingredient list but with an impressive result.

Every year, I like to make something special that’s maybe a little more complicated and this year I’m going to make these 7 Layer Bars. I have made these before and they are simply awesome!

I”ll also be making a healthy peanut free version of the beloved peanut butter balls so stay tuned for the recipe!

For Christmas morning this year, I’m going to try my first batch of Paleo Cinnamon Rolls! Cinnamon Rolls are hubby’s favourite so wish me luck!

Healthy, Grain Free Christmas Baking List

Phew! I better get cracking! We only have a couple of these stashed in the freezer so far! Have you started your Christmas baking? What’s something that you always make?

Happy Baking!



My Go To Healthy and Grain Free Christmas Baking List!


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  1. This is a great list, first because I can find something on this list that will satisfy everyone without being one more of the same cookie on the cookie table. second, peppermint patties! I love these and have tried them before. So good! Again, great list!

    1. Thanks Jen! Peppermint patties are so good!

  2. Thank you for all these great recipes. I can’t wait to try them.

    1. I hope you love them!

  3. What an amazing list! I love the variety and they all sound delicious… now, where to start? LOL!

    1. Haha thanks Heather! I will always suggest to start with chocolate. 🙂

  4. Oh, I’m all about the peppermint patties! Thanks for these great ideas!

    1. Let me know how you guys like them!

  5. Great list! And those cookies look delish! xx, Morgan

  6. I love cinnamon rolls! A great list. thanks for sharing!

  7. These all sound so yummy! Especially the peppermint patties!

    1. They are so yummy! I hope you try them, Bethany!

  8. Yay for no grain! Thanks for this list: I am definitely saving it to use throughout this holiday season!

    1. Thanks Millason!

  9. Thanks for sharing this! My brother-in-law has Celiac disease and will be pretty happy I found this list. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad it helps, Emily1

  10. I can not wait to try the macaroons! Thank you for sharing this great list of cookies.

    1. Thanks Lucretia! I hope you love them!

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  12. shannon fowler says: Reply

    I want to try all of these. Im especially excited about the thumbprint jam cookies.

    1. They are delicious! I’m glad you like them!

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