Our Current Family Favourites

5 of our current Family Favourites!

Hi Everybody!

There are a few things that we have really been enjoying as a family these days and I want to share them with you! We try to be intentional with our purchases in a few different ways. Firstly, we try to purchase things that we will actually use or really need so that we can avoid any additional clutter and also adding to the landfill. Secondly, we want to support small local companies (and Canadian companies) and artisans making beautiful handmade items. And thirdly, we choose to support companies that are trying to better this world and make a small difference or change with whatever they are making/selling. Of course, we have our fair share of last minute buys from that ‘gotcha’ aisle at the store, but I am trying really hard to stick to this way of purchasing.

Here are 5 items we are loving right now:

5 Family Favourites Sarah Kraftchuk’s Beautiful Children’s Books. This Canadian author has 3 books so far and they are all wonderful.The messages are amazing and the illustrations are so beautiful! Love to Be Me! is all about teaching kids to be comfortable in their own skin, loving themselves and being grateful for all that they are and not being afraid to share it with the world. I Am. Magical Me! (Lilly’s favourite) is showing kids that they have magic inside and they need to share it with the world. It asks questions throughout the book, to encourage the reader to recognize what makes them special!

5 family favourites-children's books
I light up the sky! I am a source of light and so are you!

The Hue In You is a little different than the first 2 but it is definitely my favourite. Hue is a star in the universe who sometimes feels alone in the dark. Hue takes us through the universe, finding the North Star, the Northern Lights, all the planets and constellations, the full moon and shooting stars. And then, Hue realizes that he is apart of the universe as well and that he can light up the sky because he has the light inside. This book is teaching kids to be the light and shine bright! Love!

Sarah, the author, has been kind enough to offer you all a 15% discount on any purchase of these books! Go to her shop and use code ‘fairytale’ when checking out!


5 family favourites-affirmation cards for kidsPeacemakersThis is a beautiful deck of cards with affirmations for kids to build emotional intelligence and also promote connection between parent and child. This card deck is such a fun way to inspire mindfulness and compassion in everybody and there are at least 7 ways to play. We love playing with these cards after school to help us reconnect or after a particularly rough day or as a fun way to connect in the morning and before bed. Full review coming soon!


5 family favourites-affirmation cards for kids
When I hold love in my heart, my forgiveness heals.


If you wish to read more about Peacemakers and to purchase your own card deck, you can go here.






5 favourite things-custom healing necklaceBeautiful custom healing necklace from Yumme Designs. I asked the lovely owner, Basia, to create a necklace for Lilly that included honey Amber, Rose Quartz and Amethyst and we really love how it turned out! It is durable and knotted between each bead for safety and it is gorgeous. We told Lilly that if she is ever feeling anxious or is missing us, then she can touch her necklace, take a deep breath and remember that she is safe and loved. If you are looking for a special piece of jewellery for yourself or someone you love, Basia was generous enough to offer a discount for my readers! Use code ‘FAIRYTALEYD20’ for 20% off anything in her Etsy shop!




5 family favourites-personal diffuserThe Personal Essential Oil Diffuser from MONQ.  This is quite the innovative and cool invention!  MONQ directly inserts aromatherapy into your olfactory system so you experience the life-enhancing benefits immediately with no artificial chemicals. All you need is a couple puffs everyday or whenever you are feeling the need and there are 7 different blends that equals 7 different feelings. My favourites are definitely Zen, Happy and Healthy. I feel a sense of calm immediately when I use it and it’s great during meditation. I imagine this would also be great for those looking to quit smoking! Use code ‘amindfulfairytale10’ for 10% off at MONQ!


5 family favourites-sleepy stories to help kids relaxDinosnores Sleepy Stories. These are guided relaxation CDs for kids! There are several to choose from, including dinosaurs, dragons, and bumble bee but we have been enjoying the mermaid and fairy stories (obviously.) These are great to put on before bedtime to help the kiddos relax and also anytime we need some quiet time. They are really cute and a great way to introduce meditation techniques to kids in a really fun way that they will respond to! You can order the CDs and also purchase the stories on iTunes.


We have been enjoying these things in our family life recently and I think you will too! They would also make great gifts! Also, stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY of some of our favourite things coming soon!

Take care,



5 of our Current Family FAVOURITE things! -Affirmation cards for kids, meditation stories, personal essential oil diffuser.....


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16 Replies to “Our Current Family Favourites”

  1. I am always looking for new children’s books, and I can’t wait to check out Sarah Kraftchuk’s books! Thank you for posting about them! I love the idea of the necklace too.

    1. Thanks Vicki! I know you will love these books as much as we do!

  2. Love the illustrations in those books! My little one will sit and stare at pictures of books for a while turning the pages. Need to check them out! Thank you

    1. Thanks Kari! Yes, these books are especially beautiful! I hope you take advantage of the discount and that your little one loves them!

  3. Those cards sound really interesting and love using essential oils

    1. The cards are really awesome-I hope you check them out! If you love essential oils, you will love these too! Thanks Candy!

  4. Hi Tina,
    These are great things to be doing as a family! Reading is especially a good thing as it helps our little ones to dream and imagine 🙂 Thanks for sharing!! Shared for you to others can benefit!

    1. Thanks so much Joan! I definitely agree! We love reading and using our imagination in this house. 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I love those necklace and the illustrations on those books. Gives me idea for holiday gifts to my nieces and nephews.

    1. Thank you! They would make great gifts for sure!

  6. Have to check out these books!

    One Awesome Momma

    1. Yes, you do Belle! They are great! Take advantage of the discount for sure.

  7. The Personal Essential Oil Diffuser from MONQ sounds awesome. I love my diffuser and wish I could have it with me when I am driving in hours of traffic. A personally one sounds like the perfect solution.

    1. Ya definitely! These are great for taking around with you!

  8. I LOVE all of your suggestions. What great finds. Off to go check out the peace makers!!

    1. Awesome! Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy them!

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