The days are long and the years are short but…

The days are long but the years are short.

To all my peeps in the thick of it.

We’ve all heard the saying. We hear it again and again; when we become new parents, when we complain about the hard days, whenever a parent of an older child is reminiscing. And it is. So. True. I’ve felt it many times in my almost 4 years (how do I have an almost 4 year old!?) of being a mother. I know this season of parenting young children will pass and is passing very quickly and I try to remember to be present and mindful everyday. As much as I practice savouring the giggles, the chubby cheeks, the many firsts we experience everyday, some days are just really hard. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I had more time to myself. I look ahead to when my kids will be old enough to care for themselves a bit more and I will have my time back with my husband and my friends and to just do whatever I want. (hello sleep!)

Does this make me a bad mom? Does it mean I don’t love my kids? Am I ungrateful for being the mommy to 2 very special girls? Do I regret having children? No. No. No. Definitely not. Being the caregiver to little people with huge emotions and very high demands and needs AND to want to do this parenting thing right, is just plain exhausting. All these feelings are permitted and I don’t know any parent who hasn’t felt this way at some point or another. No guilt. No shame. We are doing the hardest and most demanding job there ever has been and we can’t expect to love it every moment.

Instead of feeling shame or guilt for having these thoughts, we should acknowledge them and really feel them. When we can really tune into those hard moments/days/weeks/months then we can fully appreciate all the wonderful ones too. Being a parent is so hard but so so awesome! I wouldn’t change it for a second, even if I wouldn’t mind an extra hour of sleep every now and then.

YOU are doing a great job so don’t ever tell yourself any different! Keep on going because remember, the days are long but the years are short.

<3 Tina


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