10 Simple Things You Can Do To Be Healthier and Happier in 2017

10 Simple Ways to Be Healthier and Happier!

Hi All!

How is 2017 treating you so far? Mine is starting off really great! We got some really nice quality family time in and I’ve been focusing on self-care with lots of yoga, nourishing foods, reading, quiet time, and I booked a massage (Wahoo!) keeping my word for this year in mind. Since school has started up again this week, I am working on a nice morning routine for us that allows our mornings to run smoothly and set the intention for a peaceful and joyful day because ya know, this morning was the exact opposite of that! It is definitely a work in progress and I will post about it soon!

I know so many of us use the start of a new year to start getting healthier, lose weight, get fit…whatever it may be and the first few weeks or months are great but then life happens and we go back to our old ways. I believe that it doesn’t need to be that hard. There are simple things that we can do to live a healthier life in our everyday life and be happier for it.

Simple ways to a healthier and happier year

10 Simple Things To Do This Year to be Healthier and Happier 

1. Find a Way to Move Your Body that Feels Good For You

Everyone likes different things and the same goes for exercise. You don’t have to (and should really) spend an hour on the treadmill everyday hating life. Play sports, practice yoga, take a dance class, go for a hike with your buddy, take your dog for a run, play in the snow with your kids, lift weights, jump rope…..find something or many things that make your heart happy and your soul happy and you are more likely to stick to it!

2. Go to Bed Early and Wake up Early

Getting enough quality sleep is crucial for a healthy mind and body. When we are constantly sleep deprived, our cortisol (stress hormone) increases making our bodies more likely to store fat and also makes us irritable, less productive and less likely to exercise. Turn off your devices and go to sleep!

3. Meal Plan and Cook More Meals at Home

When you do the cooking, you are in complete control over what goes into your body plus it’ll save you some money too. Choose real foods and avoid pre-made as much as possible. Home cooked tends to be healthier and is also a great model for your children. Meal planning is a great way to stay on track so that you are less likely to pick up a pizza on the way home. Pinterest is full of healthy meal options for all diets and tastes. If you feel like you are too busy to cook, then make the slow cooker your new best friend!

4. Switch to All Natural Body Care and Cleaning Products

This one tends to be a challenge for many since they don’t want to give up their favourite products. But here’s the thing, everything you put on your skin and breathe in goes into your body. Think about it for a minute-if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put that shit on your body or spray it in your house! There are so many wonderful companies that have beautiful and natural products (stay tuned for a post with all my favourites!) Getting rid of the toxins in all areas of your home will improve the air quality, your mood, energy, hormones and digestion. Get on it-it’s life changing and life saving!

Simple ways to have a happier and healthier year

5. Healthify your Favourite Treats

This is one of my favourite things to do! It is so easy to make any dessert, cookie, snack and treat with healthy ingredients (say no to sugar!) and for them to still be totally delicious. This prevents you from feeling restricted or left out and also over indulging in not so healthy treats. Check out my Pinterest board Decadently Healthy for a ton of amazing recipes!

6. Spend Time in Nature and Get Fresh Air Daily

Get outside! Fresh air and sunshine do wonders to brighten a mood and increase our energy. And whenever you can, get close to nature-sit in the grass, play in the garden, hike in the forest, swim in the ocean, walk barefoot outside are all amazing for our immune system, general well-being, and have also been shown to reduce depression and anxiety!

7. Drink More Water

This one is the easiest thing you can do to improve your health! When you are better hydrated you will snack less, have more energy, feel better, improve your skin and digestion and it helps to lose weight too. If you hate drinking water then jazz it up-add lemon, herbs, cucumber, berries, orange, lime….yum! No excuses!

8. Surround Yourself with People who Support and Motivate You

When we are trying to make a change and better ourselves, unfortunately there will be some people in our lives that won’t like it. They may try to put us down or make fun of us for trying. If that happens, then it’s time to consider saying goodbye. Those aren’t the people you want around you anyway. Instead, surround yourself with those that make you happy, that invite you over for healthy meals, that ask you to go for a hike, that congratulate you when you lose a pound or haven’t eaten sugar for 7 days. The same thing goes for the people we follow on social media. Make sure their accounts inspire and uplift you and not make you feel bad about yourself for not having a six-pack.

9. Super Charge your Diet With Superfoods

A Superfood is a nutrient rich food that is especially good for our health. Think of them as yummy vitamins that you eat! They are so easy to add to our everyday diet-in smoothies, in yogurt, on salads, in a bowl, in baking……Some of my favourite superfoods that we always try to keep on hand are: cacao (obviously), chia seeds, hemp seeds, blueberries, coconut, liver, spirulina, eggs, goji berries, cinnamon, turmeric…..there are so many awesome choices! Find some that you love and incorporate them anyway you can.

10. Don’t Take Yourself or Life so Seriously

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Stress is the root of so many issues and it is just not productive to worry over every little thing. Do things that bring you joy and make you laugh. When you love life, you will be happier and more likely to make good choices to keep your body happy too. However, even if you are trying to eat healthier, it is okay to indulge every once in a while. Don’t beat yourself up over something so little. Just keep going and relax. Have fun!


These are all simple ways to improve health, vitality and a joy of living. Make a commitment and stick to until it is a habit and new way of life for you. Your body and soul will thank you! You deserve it! What are some simple things you do to stay healthy and on track with new goals? 

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10 Simple Ways to be Healthier and Happier this year!

24 Replies to “10 Simple Things You Can Do To Be Healthier and Happier in 2017”

  1. Yes to all of these! I agree and hope to implement all of these this year. We have moved to a new house right near the beach and have no excuse not to get out more. Also the one regarding surrounding yourself with people that motivate you, that is number one on my list this year!

    1. I wish you luck in implementing healthy habits this year! And Congrats on your new home! I’m only slightly jealous. 😉

  2. Great tips and I know I need to get into some of the habits for the new year. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I need to go to bed earlier. It was one of my goals for the new year and so far I have been doing horrible at it.

    1. Don’t worry, you still have lots of time! 🙂

  4. I do the majority of these but definitely could step up my game with the natural body care products and cleaners. I struggle because they are typically way more expensive, even though I know they are better for me!

    1. They are more expensive but I try to buy extra when they are on sale and it is also really inexpensive and not that hard to make your own!

  5. #7 and #8 are some of the small changes I’m working on. I always have to remind myself to drink more water and surrounding myself with the right people is a no-brainer.

    1. That’s great Louisa! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Thanks for the post! All of these tips were really helpful reminders. They are all things I know, but sometimes forget. Especially the staying hydrated one for some reason. I think this year I’m focusing more on being present and also simplifying.

    1. Thanks Kathy! Yes to being more present and simplifying!

  7. Love this! I’m all about healthy ways to better our lives. Drinking more water is something we all could easily do!

    1. Thank you Tiffany! I’m glad you feel the same!

  8. Sleep is always such a game changer for me! And I love your last point. Such a good reminder 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Suzanne!

  9. Colleen Boudreau says: Reply

    Great tips, I really want to start meal planning.

    1. Thanks Colleen! Good luck!

  10. These are some good tips, I will try to keep reminding myself.

  11. Jerry Marquardt says: Reply

    Thanks for the tips and pointers to healthier living and eating. These will really come in handy for making this year the best that it can be.

    1. Thank you Jerry! I’m glad they are useful for you!

  12. I can never get enough of nature, and definitely want to do #7 this year!

    1. I hope you do Susan!

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