Energizing, Metabolism Boosting and Nourishing Hot Chocolate Recipe

Energizing, metabolism-boosting and nourishing hot chocolate recipe

Hi Friends!

Everyone knows that I have a huge bit of an addiction to chocolate. I love it in all forms but lately I have been making this amazing hot chocolate as an afternoon pick me up and it is the best thing ever! I love the ritual of having a nice hot mug of something to sip on during nap/quiet time and this hits the spot so perfectly. It’s like having dessert but you are also flooding your body with amazing superfoods and nutrients. Win-win!

Some of the Benefits of these Ingredients:

I love that these ingredients are all so delicious but also contain so many benefits to the body!

-Cacao is the most amazing superfood with so many benefits which I talked about in this post.

-Coconut oil is excellent for boosting metabolism and curbing hunger among many other benefits.

-Cinnamon is helpful in controlling blood sugars and can improve sensitivity to insulin which is one of the key hormones that regulate metabolism.

-Collagen is amazing for skin and hair and is incredibly nourishing for the gut so if you are dealing with digestive issues this is a must have in your diet!

-Coconut milk is filling because it is high in heart healthy fat and it has been shown to help build muscle and lose fat by enhancing physical performance.

-Ginger is an amazing digestive aid and helps with nutrient malabsorption.

-Cayenne supports weight loss, boosts metabolism and also helps digestion.

-Maca is high in B-Vitamins which are great for energy and is also helpful for hormone balancing.

-Mushrooms are an excellent immune system boosting and can also aid in weight loss.

-Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and is basically the most powerful food in existence.


This recipe is perfect if you find yourself getting tired in the afternoons, feeling sluggish and unmotivated, having a hard time shedding fat because of a low metabolism, feeling hungry all the time, or just wanting to indulge a little without hurting your precious body. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


Energizing, Metabolism Boosting and Nourishing Hot Chocolate Recipe

serves: 1 big mug or 2 small mugs

1 cup canned, full fat coconut milk (this one doesn’t contain BPA)

1 cup non-dairy milk (almond, cashew, coconut)

2-3 tbs raw Cacao powder (like this)

1 tbs Coconut oil (I like this brand)

1 tbs grass-fed Collagen (like this) *omit if vegan

1-2 tbs raw honey/maple syrup/coconut sugar OR 1 dropper full liquid stevia

1 tsp Vanilla extract

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp ground ginger

pinch of cayenne pepper

*optional add-ins* 1/4 tsp turmeric powder (add a pinch of black pepper to increase bio-availability), 1/2 tsp maca powder (like this), 1/2 tsp mushroom powder (like this)


  1. Add all ingredients to medium saucepan.
  2. Heat over medium heat, while stirring constantly.
  3. Once, heated to your preferred temperature, use your immersion blender until nice and frothy.
  4. Pour into your favourite mug and sip mindfully. (This is a necessary step)

*Play around with the amounts depending on if you like a dark chocolate or a sweeter chocolate drink. The combo of 1 cup coconut milk and 1 cup other milk makes it creamy but not too creamy. All coconut or all almond milk are totally delicious too so feel free to change things up depending on your own personal tastes and mood. 

The creamiest and dreamiest healthy hot chocolate recipe full of nourishing ingredients that actually boost the metabolism and give you energy! The perfect afternoon pick me up!

Do you like hot chocolate? Do you usually make your own? Let me know how you like this recipe!


Love and chocolate,


Mindful Parenting: Turning a Rough Morning Around

mindful parenting


We recently had one of those mornings. You know what I’m talking about: the small human that rules the house  toddler seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and everything that Mommy does is wrong and therefore causing those end of the world emotions to be spewed at you non-stop until you question your own sanity and life choices.

I’ts so easy, as parents, to get caught up in those very intense emotions of our sweet babies, who are still figuring out how to express themselves in a healthy way. I feel like I’ve had a lot of practice in this area during the lovely age of 3 and now that we have entered this time of age 4, these mornings are definitely less frequent but every once in a while they sneak up on us.

There are a few things we need to remember in situations such as these:

  1. Our children are not trying to make us crazy. They are simply still figuring things out. For them, not getting to use the pink plate and cup seems like the end of the world and that we don’t understand how important it is to them. It’s our job, as adults and parents, to demonstrate how to express themselves in a healthy way.
  2. All feelings are valid. Even if those emotions tend to make adults uncomfortable. Our children are allowed to feel mad, sad, scared, and upset with us. As parents, we need to help them identify these feelings and understand where they are coming from
  3. We don’t need to fix anything. Our children are perfect just as they are at whatever age they are. They are not incomplete, deranged adults that need to be tamed. Once we can see them as complete 2, 3, or 4 year olds, we can start to let go of our unrealistic expectations and simply enjoy our children for who they are.

When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it's our job to share our calm, not join their chaos. (1)

So, on a morning in which no one is having any fun, this is the one simple thing that we do that works every single time:

Stop whatever we are doing and cuddle in the rocking chair.

“When a mother embraces her child, that energy of tenderness begins to penetrate into the body of the child. Even if the mother doesn’t understand at first why the child is suffering and she needs some time to find out what the difficulty is, just her act of taking the child into her arms with tenderness can already bring relief. If we can recognize and cradle the suffering while we breathe mindfully, there is relief already.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

We usually start with a big hug and just sitting together in silence, slowing down and breathing. Once we are both calm, we can talk about what is really going on, what she is feeling, why she is feeling that way. I can tell her how I’m feeling and we can try to understand where each other is coming from. Sometimes, this leads to a big conversation and sometimes it just leads to a big release of emotions through crying. Usually, it ends in a burst of giggles and we both walk away feeling much better, less stressed and connected to one another again.  Remember, not to put any expectations on either one of you because it won’t always look like this, but the important thing is to re-connect with your child in a positive way.

mindful parenting

Have you used this technique? Does it work in your house? What else do you find helps with your connection?

Mindfulness Box Kids: July Unboxing

July's Mindfulness Box Kids subscription box

Hello Happy People!

This summer is just going by way too fast! I seriously can’t believe we are already into August! We have been having a major heat wave and spending a lot of time playing in or near water. July just went by so quickly with our camping trip and other fun stuff happening in our town; festivals, farmer’s markets, kids day camps, beach days…. It’s been lots of fun!

One of the highlights of our July was receiving our very first Mindfulness Box for Kids! I have been following stalking Mindfulness Box on Instagram for a while and it is definitely one of the most well thought out subscription boxes full of amazing items and good intentions.

From the website:

“Mindfulness Box is a monthly subscription box service promoting mindfulness, inner peace and balance by giving YOU the tools to live with more intention and in the present moment. Mindfulness benefits everyone from all walks of life, regardless of religion or gender. Tapping into the power from within is a journey – the positive outcomes are infinite!”

Amazing right??

They are awesome enough to even have a box that is just for kids! Lilly and I patiently (not so much) waited for our July box to arrive. It took a little longer to get to us all the way up in Canada but when it did arrive we couldn’t wait to check out the goodies!

Here is a look at what was inside July’s Mindfulness Box for Kids:

mindfulness box kids subscription box
Opening up the Mindfulness Box for Kids!
mindfulness box subscription box
Present Moment. Beautiful Moment.
mindfulness box kids subscription box
Checking out the goodies

A Dream-Catcher should be hung over one’s sleeping area to catch any bad dreams. We can go to sleep without fear, knowing that we will only have happy dreams.

mindfulness box kids subscription box
It’s a beautiful Dream-catcher!


july's mindfulness box kids subscription box
This is what I was most excited about! Jitter Gitters!


July's mindfulness box kids subscription box
Trying out one of the organic TruJoy chews. 🙂


July's mindfulness box kids subscription box
Jitter Gitters – 10 Exercises to keep emotions from running wild

We are having lots of fun trying out all the different exercises on the Jitter Gitters cards by Haley Sez! Kangaroo hops is definitely a favourite right now.

July's mindfulness box kids subscription box
Jitter Gitters- Put your worry on a shelf


Jitter Gitters – Goodnight Toes


This month’s box included 3 different activities. A Fun Catcher, a Best Friend activity where the child draws them self as their own best friend, and a dream-catcher calming object activity.

July's Mindfulness Box for kids
The goodies inside July’s Mindfulness Box for kids!


Fun Catcher!


Working on the My Best Friend activity


We had fun playing with the fun-catcher and it definitely brought me back to my own childhood!

So fun!


Overall, we really enjoyed this month’s Mindfulness Box for Kids. The activities were fun and a great way to connect! The Jitter Gitters card deck is a great resource that we can keep on hand for a long time, pulling it out whenever we are having a rough day or an especially emotional time. It is so important for kids to learn how to feel their emotions in a constructive way and these cards are very helpful in such a fun way!

Thank you Mindfulness Box! We are very grateful for such a great subscription box and are really looking forward to next month!

<3 Tina


Sticking to Real Food while Camping

real food while camping

Hello Sunshine,
How is everyone? We just got back from a lovely camping trip with hubby’s family and we had a great time. Super exhausting, of course, but lots of fun!

Because, we eat a real food diet and nothing really changes when we go out of town or camping-apart from a few more treats than usual, I want to show you that it is possible to stick to a real food diet while camping, even with kids!

Here are some tips and meal ideas that we used on our recent camping trip:
  1. Pack lots of fruit and veggies! When someone needs a snack in the next 2 seconds or there will be an epic meltdown, having fruit handy is the quickest and healthiest way to calm the hungry beasts. We love to pack tons of berries, bananas, apples, and watermelon, carrot sticks, snap peas, and avocado.
eating real food while camping
Cut up watermelon makes the most perfect afternoon snack on a hot day!

2. Pick up some healthy packaged snacks to bring. These are great to bring to the beach with you and also for a little something extra special. This is essential if camping with other people who eat like crap may not share your dietary philosophy.

eating real food while camping
Healthier pre-packaged foods-almond milk, apple sauce, larabars, almond butter, rice crackers, organic raisins

3. Focus on simple meals. Breakfast in usually eggs and fruit and maybe some grass-fed breakfast sausage. Lunch is veggies and hummus, rice crackers, organic cheese, fruit, sometimes grass-fed hot dogs…. For us, lunch is usually small and more snack-like, since it feels like we eat all day long when camping! Anyone else?? Supper is a meat on the grill or fish that we caught that day, with a side of green veggie also on the barbecue and avocado, olives, raw veggies, baby potatoes….

eating real food while camping
Barbecued chicken breast and asparagus

4. Make some pre-made food healthy treats to bring with you. I made some grain-free pumpkin muffins to bring. These are easy to grab quickly, crowd pleasing (especially with a few mini chocolate chips on top) and also quite filling and nutrient dense. Win-win-win!  We also brought a bunch of hard boiled eggs to have on hand to add to lunches or snacks.

eating real food while camping
Pre-made hard boiled eggs.

5. Don’t stress about it too much. It’s summer, you’re camping, having fun, making memories, don’t worry so much about what your kids are or aren’t eating. If they eat a few more treats from Grandma’s magical refilling candy jar or drink an unbelievable amount of juice, it doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day, you know that the majority of what they are eating is healthy real food.

eating real food while camping
Grain-free pumpkin muffins


We really enjoyed ourselves this camping trip! Lots of laughs, time in the lake and sun and lots of yummy food! Can’t wait for our next trip! (But maybe not until next year, this mama is tiiiired)

Talk soon,


Whole 30 program: half way mark! (Plus some meal ideas)

Whole 30 program: half-way mark

Hey All!

So we have made it 15 days on the whole 30 program and I just want to share how it’s going so far! We have started off really strong and both my mom and I are feeling really good. My mom also gave up her daily coffee because she didn’t want to drink it black so it was a double whammy for her but she’s doing great! We have both noticed a lighter feeling and more energy-especially in the afternoons, and just an overall healthy feeling. For me, I am noticeably less bloated and my overall digestion is much better! I knew grains were not working for my body but now I know even a little bit here and there was hurting me and keeping me from really healing my poor digestion.

Cooking meals hasn’t been too challenging for me because it was how I was already cooking most of the time-we just can’t rely of rice or rice noodles at any of our meals and instead, we are opting for squash or sweet potatoes. I’m finding it very convenient to do in the summer because we have been barbecuing a bunch of chicken breasts or steaks and then throwing them on salads with a yummy homemade dressing. Soooo good and satisfying! Breakfast is usually eggs and sauteed veggies and some fruit, lunch is usually leftovers or a salad with leftover meat, and dinner we have been trying out new recipes!

Thankfully, there are a ton of whole 30 approved recipes online and on their website, and it has been really refreshing and fun trying new recipes. Check out my Pinterest Whole 30 Approved board too!

I will say that I am missing honey in my tea and my homemade honey or maple syrup sweetened treats! (Those, however, are most likely the reason for the extra fluff on my belly…) And chocolate. Definitely missing eating a square of super dark chocolate every now and then. But I will live. I hope. We are heading out on a family camping trip this week and I’m hoping to stick to the program. Wish me luck!

If anyone is on the fence about whether or not you want to try this program out, I say go for it! Your health and body will thank you and you will come out on the other side with a much better understanding of nutrition and what works for your body!

Here are some meal ideas of what we have been enjoying during the whole 30 program:

whole 30 meal ideas
Simple chicken and veggie stir-fry with sliced cukes and avocado.


Moroccan Chicken with roasted beets and asparagus.


whole 30 approved
Turkey, butternut squash and kale hash with avocado and sauerkraut.


whole 30 approved
Mixed greens salad with cucumber, chicken, seeds, juice sweetened dried cranberries and a apple cider vinegar and olive oil dressing


I will come back at the end with some more of our meals and a total recap of our experience and results after 30 days!

Have you been enjoying this challenge? Has it been difficult for you?

<3 Tina

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