Sticking to Real Food while Camping

real food while camping

Hello Sunshine,
How is everyone? We just got back from a lovely camping trip with hubby’s family and we had a great time. Super exhausting, of course, but lots of fun!

Because, we eat a real food diet and nothing really changes when we go out of town or camping-apart from a few more treats than usual, I want to show you that it is possible to stick to a real food diet while camping, even with kids!

Here are some tips and meal ideas that we used on our recent camping trip:
  1. Pack lots of fruit and veggies! When someone needs a snack in the next 2 seconds or there will be an epic meltdown, having fruit handy is the quickest and healthiest way to calm the hungry beasts. We love to pack tons of berries, bananas, apples, and watermelon, carrot sticks, snap peas, and avocado.
eating real food while camping
Cut up watermelon makes the most perfect afternoon snack on a hot day!

2. Pick up some healthy packaged snacks to bring. These are great to bring to the beach with you and also for a little something extra special. This is essential if camping with other people who eat like crap may not share your dietary philosophy.

eating real food while camping
Healthier pre-packaged foods-almond milk, apple sauce, larabars, almond butter, rice crackers, organic raisins

3. Focus on simple meals. Breakfast in usually eggs and fruit and maybe some grass-fed breakfast sausage. Lunch is veggies and hummus, rice crackers, organic cheese, fruit, sometimes grass-fed hot dogs…. For us, lunch is usually small and more snack-like, since it feels like we eat all day long when camping! Anyone else?? Supper is a meat on the grill or fish that we caught that day, with a side of green veggie also on the barbecue and avocado, olives, raw veggies, baby potatoes….

eating real food while camping
Barbecued chicken breast and asparagus

4. Make some pre-made food healthy treats to bring with you. I made some grain-free pumpkin muffins to bring. These are easy to grab quickly, crowd pleasing (especially with a few mini chocolate chips on top) and also quite filling and nutrient dense. Win-win-win!  We also brought a bunch of hard boiled eggs to have on hand to add to lunches or snacks.

eating real food while camping
Pre-made hard boiled eggs.

5. Don’t stress about it too much. It’s summer, you’re camping, having fun, making memories, don’t worry so much about what your kids are or aren’t eating. If they eat a few more treats from Grandma’s magical refilling candy jar or drink an unbelievable amount of juice, it doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day, you know that the majority of what they are eating is healthy real food.

eating real food while camping
Grain-free pumpkin muffins


We really enjoyed ourselves this camping trip! Lots of laughs, time in the lake and sun and lots of yummy food! Can’t wait for our next trip! (But maybe not until next year, this mama is tiiiired)

Talk soon,


Whole 30 program: half way mark! (Plus some meal ideas)

Whole 30 program: half-way mark

Hey All!

So we have made it 15 days on the whole 30 program and I just want to share how it’s going so far! We have started off really strong and both my mom and I are feeling really good. My mom also gave up her daily coffee because she didn’t want to drink it black so it was a double whammy for her but she’s doing great! We have both noticed a lighter feeling and more energy-especially in the afternoons, and just an overall healthy feeling. For me, I am noticeably less bloated and my overall digestion is much better! I knew grains were not working for my body but now I know even a little bit here and there was hurting me and keeping me from really healing my poor digestion.

Cooking meals hasn’t been too challenging for me because it was how I was already cooking most of the time-we just can’t rely of rice or rice noodles at any of our meals and instead, we are opting for squash or sweet potatoes. I’m finding it very convenient to do in the summer because we have been barbecuing a bunch of chicken breasts or steaks and then throwing them on salads with a yummy homemade dressing. Soooo good and satisfying! Breakfast is usually eggs and sauteed veggies and some fruit, lunch is usually leftovers or a salad with leftover meat, and dinner we have been trying out new recipes!

Thankfully, there are a ton of whole 30 approved recipes online and on their website, and it has been really refreshing and fun trying new recipes. Check out my Pinterest Whole 30 Approved board too!

I will say that I am missing honey in my tea and my homemade honey or maple syrup sweetened treats! (Those, however, are most likely the reason for the extra fluff on my belly…) And chocolate. Definitely missing eating a square of super dark chocolate every now and then. But I will live. I hope. We are heading out on a family camping trip this week and I’m hoping to stick to the program. Wish me luck!

If anyone is on the fence about whether or not you want to try this program out, I say go for it! Your health and body will thank you and you will come out on the other side with a much better understanding of nutrition and what works for your body!

Here are some meal ideas of what we have been enjoying during the whole 30 program:

whole 30 meal ideas
Simple chicken and veggie stir-fry with sliced cukes and avocado.


Moroccan Chicken with roasted beets and asparagus.


whole 30 approved
Turkey, butternut squash and kale hash with avocado and sauerkraut.


whole 30 approved
Mixed greens salad with cucumber, chicken, seeds, juice sweetened dried cranberries and a apple cider vinegar and olive oil dressing


I will come back at the end with some more of our meals and a total recap of our experience and results after 30 days!

Have you been enjoying this challenge? Has it been difficult for you?

<3 Tina

Building A Garden for Fairies, Magic and Imagination

Building a garden for fairies, magic and imagination

Hi Magic Makers!

Showing my daughters how to create their own magic has been one of my greatest joys in parenthood so far. We spend our days talking to unicorns, making magic potions, and looking for fairies. This year, we have dedicated a section of our garden to be Lilly’s fairy garden; it is so full of wonder and it is allowing the imagination to flow freely and vividly. Nature in itself is  magical and awe-inspiring but when you add sparkles and creativity, it really becomes something childhood dreams are made of!

“Children see magic because they look for it.” -Christopher Moore

Building your own fairy garden is simple; you just need some creativity, some fairy dust and whole lot of imagination. It doesn’t take any special  purchases, although you can buy some very cute pre-made fairy gardens like this one. We chose to create our own with some ideas from Pinterest and whatever treasures we have collected over the years. Fortunately for us, our little local gift shop started carrying the cutest fairy garden collection and we may have picked up a few a lot of pieces from there as well.

If fairy gardens aren’t your child’s thing, why not create a garden for dinosaurs, small creatures or elves!?

building a fairy garden


If you are interested in creating your own magical garden, here is what we did in a few simple steps:

  1. Clear a section of the garden or yard to use as your fairy garden. You can also use a large flower pot or old tire filled with soil. We are using the corner section of our front garden.

building a fairy garden

2. Plant some flowers or plants-succulents are great for fairy gardens! We planted a row of sunflowers along the back of our fairy garden because fairies love that magical flower and some other pretty flowers that Lilly picked out, around the garden.

3. Decide if you want to keep the bottom just soil or add wood chips or rocks. We decided to put down a layer of sparkly white rocks around the plants in hopes to keep the weeds at bay.

building a fairy garden

4. Collect things around the house or at yard sales that you can use in the garden. Ours is full of neat rocks collected from our many nature walks. We also have various items we had around the house-mini figures and animals, small bird houses, glass stones, sea glass, shells, special trinkets given as gifts and crystals. Garden gnomes and fish tank decorations also work well!

building a fairy garden

5. Create a scene if you want. You can make a small pond for them to swim or fish, or they can have their own mini garden to tend to. The options are really endless! Lilly decorated hers herself and moves things around depending on her mood of the day and as she plays. It’s wonderful to see the imagination soar!

fairy garden


6. Optional-purchase a fairy or two  four to live in your garden. We have several different ones that each have their own magical name and personalities according to the 4 year old. There is also a mermaid with only one arm who lives with the fairies.

fairy garden

7. Enjoy the process and the end result!

fairy garden


Have you ever created a magical garden? I’d love to hear about it!

With love and pixie dust,



July’s Monthly Mission: Whole 30

July's Monthly Mission: Whole 30

Hello and Happy Canada Day/Happy July 4th!

I know I am so late for this month’s mission but it is only because we had an amazing long weekend! My dad was here for a visit and we spent the whole time enjoying the beautiful sunshine, hiking, eating delicious food, laughing, enjoying too many margaritas and celebrating our country’s birthday.

I started this month’s mission today and will continue for the next 30 days. Truthfully, I have been feeling really tired and unmotivated and it is starting to show. Somewhere between not getting enough sleep, enjoying delicious summertime food and beverages and the stress that comes with chasing after 2 busy busy girls, I have put on a few pounds and am not feeling nearly as good as I know I can feel. Therefore, this month I am doing the Whole 30 program! My mom is joining me on this mission and I hope you do too!

You can read more about the program here. But, basically, for the next 30 days your diet will exclude grains, sugar (real or artificial), dairy, legumes, alcohol, processed foods or food additives. You will focus on good quality protein sources, tons of veggies, some fruit, and lots of healthy fats. There is a ton of information on their website and you can check out the cookbooks here:

I have been on the GAPS diet before and have had to be super strict due to breastfeeding a baby with many sensitivities and so I don’t think this will be very hard for me. I mostly follow a grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet anyway but I haven’t been nearly as careful or as dedicated, like I said, and I’m definitely feeling it and ready for this challenge! The thing I will miss the most is my raw honey. *sad face I will post recipes and tips and tricks along the way, and I will do a big recap at the end of the month describing all the changes I have noticed. I’m looking forward to it!

If you don’t feel like you can commit to the whole program right now, then why not eliminate one or 2 of these foods to begin with? I recommend starting with sugar and processed foods because they are ummm…. eeeevvvviiiilllll!

Will you join us in this month’s mission to follow the Whole 30 program? What do you think will be the most challenging for you?

Talk soon,


Gratitude Today

Gratitude List Today

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault

Hello Sweet Soul,

Everyday is a true blessing. I know this, which is why I have a daily gratitude practice. But, you know those days that seem to be sprinkled with fairy dust? Everything makes you smile and goes just right, you have extra fun or are just really content, ya know?  Those are the days that make me just so happy to be living this life and so in love with the beautiful people in it. On those kind of magical days, my gratitude list is a little longer and a little more in depth, easily filling a whole page or 2.

Today, I am grateful for:

-bright, sunny mornings

-waking up to a smiling baby, sitting on my chest and giving me kisses


-fresh picked wildflowers from my favourite 4 year old on my kitchen table

-sitting in the backyard with my cup of tea and a book, and the warm breeze blowing on my skin


-fresh picked strawberries and blueberries

-my mom, always incredibly helpful

-my morning practice on my yoga mat, finding my balance and breath to prepare for the day ahead

-this incredibly beautiful place that I get to call home


-dark chocolate, always and forever


What is on your gratitude list today?





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